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Prof. Dr. Manfred Bayer

Universität Dortmund
Experimentelle Physik II
Otto-Hahn-Straße 4
D-44227 Dortmund

Tel.:(0231) 755-3532
Fax:(0231) 755-3674
Non-linear optical spectroscopy for studying carrier spins in quantum dots

The general goal of this project proposal is development of a profound understanding of the properties of carrier spins confined in III-V and II-VI self-assembled quantum dots. As spectroscopic tools we will use non-linear techniques such as pump&probe Faraday - and Kerr-rotation or spin-flip Raman scattering in an external magnetic field. The results will be compared to those from linear spectroscopy (photoluminescence for addressing the Zeeman splitting in single dots or the decay of spin orientation/alignment in dot ensembles). In detail, we want to work on establishing a consistent picture of the dependence of carrier g-factors on the three dimensional confinement. Further, we want to understand the physical limits for longitudinal and transversal spin relaxation times, and want to examine exchange coupling of spins in adjacent nanostructures such as coupled quantum dot-quantum well systems. This understanding will help to tailor quantum dot spin properties such that they are of interest for usage as building blocks of new devices in spintronics or quantum information processing.


Wichtige Termine:

15. Sept. 2013:
Deadline für den Sonderband Semiconductor Spintronics (DFG-Abschlussbericht) in physica status solidi b
(nähere Informationen wurden per Email zugeschickt)

30. Sept. - 2. Okt. 2013:
Abschlusstreffen des Schwerpunktprogramms "International workshop on semiconductor spintronics" in der Residenz Würzburg
(nähere Informationen)

Aktuelle Veröffentlichung(en):

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