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Semiconductor Spintronics
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Work program

  1. Spin injection
    Spin injection with ferromagnetic semiconductors (e.g. GaMnAs, ZnMnO, SnMnO2) and ferromagnetic metal clusters in semiconductors (z.B. MnAs microcluster in GaAs); demonstration of switchable ferromagnetism at high temperatures (e.g. ZnMnO nanorods).
    The spin injection is one of the keystones of spintronic on which many further experiments base on. It has in particular high priority eminently in the first period of the priority program.

  2. Spin transport
    Influence from coherent tunnelling processes; experimental correlation to the Rashba and Dresselhaus terms; development of a systematic theory for quantum scattering considering the strong spin-orbit scattering; influence of the spin-orbit scattering in n-dimensional systems on the electric resistance; numerical simulation of the time evolution of spin properties from scatter centres; solution of the time dependent Schrödinger equation for special geometries; recognition of magnetic field during spin transport; highly movable electrons in AlAs; spin transport through quantum dots; spin depolarization at semiconductor surfaces.
    Spin injection without efficient methods of spin transport is only contingent useful. The spin transport has high priority eminently in the first period of the priority program, too.

  3. Spin dynamics / aimed manipulation of spins
    Manipulation of optically excited spins in GaAs nanostructures using acoustic surface waves; spin dynamic and spin relaxation in dependence on acoustic surface waves an magnetic field; g-factor-tuning over crystal orientation, crystal structure and electrical fields; spin/magnetization dynamics in nanostructured, ferromagnetic semiconductors in dependence on temperature, crystal anisotropy and form anisotropy; domain migration in ferromagnetic semiconductors; Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit splitting using THz-induced photo currents; investigation of the dynamics of spin-charge coupling, spin effects in SiGe.

  4. Spin-spin and spin-orbit interaction
    Interaction of electron spins at semiconductor/metal cluster interface surfaces; manipulation of the electron-nuclear spin interaction; spin-orbit interaction in highly mobile electron and hole systems; Berry phases in mesoscopic systems; collective spin excitation in ferromagnetic semiconductors; coupling of non-magnetic quantum dots to a magnetic reservoir.

  5. Spin electronic and spin optoelectronic
    Theoretical modelling of simple logic circuit like AND/OR-circuits which are based on the spin transport, spin polarization and spin filtering in coupled nanostructures; investigation of reciprocity of the single devices, feedback, amplification and non-linearities; usage of spin in silicon devices.
    The evaluation of concepts for spin devices shall start in the first period of the priority program and get higher priority in the second period. The evaluation of concepts is connected very close to the two previous fields of research.

  6. Spin quantum information processing
    Optical generation of spin coherence in self-organized quantum dots for using 'quantum coherence'; entanglement of multiple spin qubits in quantum dots with few electrons; transport of entangled spin states in semiconductors.
    The spin quantum information processing bases on all previously mentioned fields of research and provides direct feedback for the concept evaluation of spin devices.

Important Dates:

15. Sept. 2013:
Deadline for the special volume semiconductor spintronics (DFG final report) in physica status solidi b
(further information is sent via email)

30. Sept. - 2. Oct. 2013:
final meeting of the priority program "International workshop on semiconductor spintronics" located in the Residenz Würzburg
(further information)

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